Member Benefits

  • 5 guaranteed leads per month, all of which will be above the value of £35k. You won’t have to worry about not receiving any leads.
  • Free MBMW credibility verification sticker for your car/van
  • Free MBMW member sticker for your car/van
  • Bespoke banner/Signage delivered to your project when it starts, no matter the location
  • Mediation should an issue occur with a client
  • £300 deep clean to your project upon completion to help deliver the house clean back to the clients.
  • Bespoke platform to manage your projects

What makes us different?

Standard directories make their money by providing poor quality leads and charging you for the privilege. Building firms lose huge amounts of money and valuable working time providing quotations for jobs that are speculative, under-budgeted or simply time wasting.

At My Build My Way we do things differently. All our projects are vetted to ensure planning permission is in progress, the client has a realistic budget for their build and a good set of architectural drawings in place so you can put together an accurate, competitive and profitable quote. We don’t provide leads, we provide a leading service.

Get Started

How does it work?

There are a few straight forward steps to take before we can get started.

Vetting process

First things first, we need to know more about you. Fill in the form on the next page and upload the information we require; we will then schedule a call and discuss what your requirements and goals are. If successful, you will be given a log in to your online platform. Your platform can be tailored to you, upload images, descriptions and reviews. You can also select the areas you want to cover as well as the projects you undertake, “Rear extensions in NW6”.

What you need

We have a strict vetting process to make sure the quality of our builders are of the highest standard.

  • Be a registered company in the UK for over 2 years.
  • A business website. (We can help you make one if required)
  • Three recent client referrals.

Meet the My Build My Way criteria? Sign up today!