At My Build My Way we take our vetting process very seriously. Only around 10% of the builders we screen make it through to the platform.

Our ethos is to treat every contractor as if they were working on our home, indefinitely. We have seen everything from fake reviews to fake testimonials, false reference checks to even fake IDs.

Whilst our process is in depth, it’s not perfect. We would always advise you do your own due diligence and satisfy any niggling questions you may have, or speak with us about the contractor you are considering using.

Our Checks

The Vetting Process

Must be trading a minimum of 2 years – Proven
Must be able to provide 3 references of work for the last 12 months
Evidence of work being undertaken such as money transfers / photos etc
Personal proof of Identity and utility bill
Must be either self employed in the UK or trading company in the UK
Must be able to provide 3 addresses to check the quality of work
Must be able to be found on the web – Social / Website / Accreditation
Must be willing to sign a Personal Guarantee for the works undertaken

Once we are satisfied with the above, only then would we consider working with the building contractor. It’s worth noting, we don’t work with every contractor that passes the checks. We are very select as to who we partner with.

Please note, Credit checks are run at the time of joining then once per year after that. We do NOT do weekly or monthly credit reviews.