Need Quotes From Trusted Kent Builders?

Whether you’re planning improvements to add to the value of your home, or refurbishments to improve your quality of life, My Build My Way can help. No matter the size or scope of your next project, we have a great selection of Kent builders who have already been vetted by us.

Looking For Kent Builders You Can Trust?​
Let’s Get Started!

The Job

Plans and permissions are already in place and you’re looking for local builders to work on your project. A member of our team will carry out a site inspection to finalise your brief.

The Quotes

Any contractors we ask to submit a quote are already vetted and selected by us. We review all the quotes and send you the best 3, with additional information on each contractor.

The Build

Once you’ve chosen your builders, we appoint a building inspector with 3rd party approval, and work can begin. Payment is released in pre-agreed stages, after successful inspections.

My Build My Way has one goal…

To change the construction industry for the better

The My Build My Way team has taken 5 years to design and develop our business. We wanted to be certain that our unique market strategy could be relied upon to remove the risks that homeowners face when trying to find trustworthy local builders to work on their property.

We work in partnership with a selection of the UK’s best contractors. They help us to find you the right Kent builders for your project.

Local Builders in Kent

“The hardest thing in the world is to trust someone you don’t know”

My Build My Way acts as an introduction agency; our clients choose from builders who have already been pre-vetted by us. Every contractor we work with has an excellent reputation, and they are backed by full liability insurance. No payment is made on clients’ behalf until their work has been signed off by our Quality Surveyor.

A Personal Guarantee

There are plenty of stories about scam builders who take money up front for work and then disappear leaving the job undone. Worst of all though, if the builder has set up a Ltd company, they can employ legal loopholes which means that the stolen money is gone for good.

My Build My Way exists to stop this kind of criminal activity. The Kent builders we work with have directors who are held under ‘Personal Guarantee’. This means that they are personally liable for work undertaken and fees received.

Our vetting of building contractors prior to allowing them to quote on projects has meant that we’ve already exposed a number of scam builders. We have a very simple requirement for anyone who works with us; contractors must sign a personal guarantee, so they take full responsibility.