Reviews from some of our clients

Kyle and I wanted to move but with house prices exceeding our budget we decided to do a loft conversion. We applied for planning and shortly after received a letter from My Build My Way offering us upto 4 quotations from trusted builders. At first we were sceptical about what it would cost us, but true to their word didn’t cost us a thing! Within a couple weeks we were able to book in different companies who all came to take measurements and to discuss plans, we received our quote and decided that Haywood & Son was the builder for us.

The process was simple and pretty amazing. Between Haywood and Son and us we arranged all the paperwork and legal bits. My Build My Way documented the process, arrange independent inspections and took out an insurance policy on our behalf to ensure the build ran smooth with no hiccups! There were other elements to the process which made us feel at ease but to summarise, I wouldn’t look anywhere else.

If you haven’t used My Build My Way before then take my word, you have nothing to loose but everything to gain!

Shannon Butterworth


When I was asked for a review I thought what could I say which doesn’t make me sound the same as everyone else. To put it in blunt terms, great service, friendly staff, great recommendations and it’s a free service. It was a no brainer for me and I liked the fact I had the ability to view the checks which had been made on the builders, comprised with the fact they hold them personally liable. I did think it was too good to be true but its actually pretty simple when you understand the process.

My brother owns a construction company so I have put him in contact with these guys as it’s a great service. Before you ask, never do work with family or friends, I wanted to keep this project out of the hands of people I know!

Anyway, great service! Will 100% recommend and am sure these guys will do brilliant!

Dave Roberts

Tower Hamlets

What a unique straight forward concept. From our initial letter to having a builder start the work I believe it was 3 weeks. As I’m sure most people would agree, we were spending allot of money so I wanted to make sure I had the right builder at the right price. It just so happens a builder that was recommended to us was actually on the platform, so it was an easy decision for us.

The inspector that came to document the stages was very friendly and helpful. I also received his notes which pointed out slight rectifications which were promptly resolved.

We didn’t need to use the insurance policy but it was great to know we were covered in the event of an accident or any issues.  I’m surprised more companies don’t offer something similar, but I suppose that’s what make these guys so good! – Excellent, highly recommended!

Abdul Hameza