Your Design and Build Partners

Looking to start your next project? Wherever you are in the process we’re ready to help. From our complete architectural design service, through to planning and then full professional construction. We’ve got it covered!

Need an Architect?

Great design is at the heart of everything we do. Our skilled designers will work closely with you to produce architectural drawings that unlock your home’s full potential.

Need a Builder?

You’ve got your plans and now you want to work with a trusted partner to make them a reality. We’ll ensure you get the right builder at the right price while ensuring high quality workmanship.

Let My Build My Way take the stress out of your building project!

Designed, developed and proven over the last 7 years, our aim is to safeguard your project from initial enquiry through to project completion. We offer you 3 quotations from 3 master builders which are fair and competitively priced.

We have spent years fine tuning our offering and sourcing reputable contractors in the industry. In fact, we have screened well over 1000 companies and work with around 10%. We take our vetting seriously!

Our unique service gives you the peace of mind that what you sign up for, is delivered and without a hitch.

As a company, we put together a unique package tailored to your build to ensure nothing is left to chance. Our 3rd party stage checks, project support, 7 Year guarantee and our full documentation of the build means you are fully in control of your project at all times.

We have well over 300+ completed projects under our belts so certainly know what it takes to make a good project, outstanding.

What My Build My Way Offer

There is no other builder’s platform currently in use that can offer you the level of service and protection that we offer here at My Build My Way. Being a Design and Build company, we treat every project as if it was our own and stand by our company endorsement without question.

3 Competitive quotes from Master Tradesman

Stage checks provided by our 3rd party approved building inspectors

7 year guarantee upheld with an optional IBG

Personal guarantee held against the works completed

On hand support from My Build My Way through the duration of your project

Use of our trades discount through a multitude of outlets!

Personal Guarantee

You have probably heard the story of someone undertaking a building project then halfway through the builder does a disappearing act with the clients’ money.

If the contractor has an LTD company, they can use this to hide behind, claim liquidated damages and as a result, this is a civil case in the court of law and not a criminal case. If the contractor ultimately liquidates, unfortunately you will lose your money.

We simply don’t allow that to happen at My Build My Way. All of the Directors for the companies we work with are held under a Personal Guarantee meaning for the work they undertake or fees received, they are personally held liable.

In the event they liquidate the company, the project is held against them personally and not the LTD meaning it becomes a criminal case, not a civil case.

By doing the above, we have weeded out a HUGE number of potential cowboys. Our ethos is simple, if you’re not willing to sign a personal guarantee for the work you are completing or for theft, you are simply not the right contractor for us.

“The hardest thing in life is to trust someone you don’t know.”

We aim to bring you the best and most trusted builders on the market. We include two additional stage checks by an approved building inspector. We hold all of our Contractors personally liable for the jobs they take on.

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