3 Upgrades to Avoid if You Want to Add Value to Your Home

Living in a home you own is exciting; planning the renovations you want to make is thrilling. It’s a shared goal, something you can dream about and work for. Take a moment, though, to consider that not all upgrades are equal. The best are the ones that cost you money which you then recoup when you sell – and not all upgrades do that. My Build My Way has come up with 3 upgrades that may not increase your home’s value.

1. Spontaneous Extensions

If your dream is to grow your property beyond its current dimensions, make a plan and finance it realistically. The alternative – to add on extensions as and when the money is available – often ends up being looking out of keeping with the rest of the property. At worst, extensions detract from your home’s attractive features and put buyers off.

If you want to add a home-working office, a loft bedroom, or a playroom, work with an architect to find how you can extend your home organically.

2. Make a Splash

That swimming pool you’re thinking of adding may represent the ultimate in garden luxury for you, but many buyers will take one look and walk away. Outdoor swimming pools are expensive to maintain and, given the British climate, offer limited returns. If you’re set on swimming, your pool will need to be high-end, with poolside features that make it an attractive place to eat and relax with friends.

Gardens are always a difficult sell; one person’s paradise can look like too much hard work for buyers. Make your garden an area your family can enjoy but avoid sinking a fortune in it if you’re looking to add value.

3. Avoid Statement Features

However tempting it is to use décor to make a statement about who you are – Dutch half-doors perhaps, or heat-sensing tiles in the kitchen – know that they won’t add a penny to the value of your home. For the simple reason that your statement features will most likely be replaced by buyers, and may well prove off-putting.

If you’re looking to add value, stamp your identity by adding beautiful rugs, chairs, throws, art, and cushions. They’ll make your house uniquely yours, whilst offering no barrier to sale.

My Build My Way Helps With Upgrades That Add Value

My Build My Way helps homeowners to add value to their homes. How do we do it? By ensuring that they get access to the architects and builders who will offer them top-quality support at competitive prices.

If you already have plans in place for home renovations, and you’re excited to start work, we’ll put you in touch with local builders who have been verified by us. We work solely with Trustmark approved building companies, so we know they’re reliable and trustworthy.

We’ll get a number of quotes for the work you want doing and pass the top 3 onto you. It’s our job as building consultants to make sure you get the right builder at the right price whilst guaranteeing high-quality workmanship. Once you’ve found the right contractor for your project, using our 8-stage process, we will to quality check the work at each stage.

Now you’re aware of the 3 upgrades that may not increase your home’s value, are you inspired to begin work on renovations that do? If so, we can find you a builder to carry out the work. Give us a call on 0800 2465453 or message us online.