5 Actionable Tips for Growth

Tired of watching your building business tread water? The new year’s a blank slate, a chance to ditch the excuses and finally give your pipeline a power boost. My Build My Way is here to guide you every step of the way, starting with 5 actionable tips to grow your building business in 2024:

1. Chart a Course for 2024

Forget flying blind! A business plan is your roadmap to growth, focusing your mind on “where are we going?” and “how do we get there?”

Start with these questions:

  • What’s our construction strength? What kind of projects do we ace?
  • Net profit by year-end? How much fatter do we want our wallets?
  • Teamwork makes the dream real. Do we need more hands to reach our goals?

Now, dig deeper:

  • Niche Down. Where’s your sweet spot? Identify the projects that bring in the most cash and 5-star reviews.
  • Target That Growth. How much extra work do you need to land? Can you squeeze it from existing clients, or do you need fresh leads?
  • Hire Smart. Calculate how much additional work justifies bringing on another team member. Scale your hiring to meet your growth ambitions.

This exercise will reveal your true growth potential and the adjustments you need to make.

2. Think About Specialisation

Think About Specialisation

The concept of niching your business has gained traction, and for good reason. It involves identifying an area where your skills and expertise truly shine, be it loft conversions, eco-friendly builds, or kitchen extensions. By specialising in a specific market segment, you can:

  • Attract targeted clients. Define your ideal customer and tailor your messaging to resonate with their needs.
  • Develop a reputation for excellence. Concentrating on a specialised area allows you to become recognised as the go-to experts.
  • Command premium pricing. Your specialised knowledge allows you to justify higher fees compared to general contractors.

This targeted approach can position your business for success, aligning with your growth goals and securing a loyal clientele who value your expertise.

3. Stay Ahead of the Curve – Use Trending Building Materials

Use Trending Building Materials

Consumer preferences and environmental considerations are shaping the construction landscape, influencing both material choices and profit margins. Consider these trending materials to enhance your project offerings and achieve your growth targets:

  • Engineered Timber. This innovative material combines softwood layers for remarkable strength and versatility. It offers a sustainable alternative to steel and concrete, boasting lower emissions and reduced waste during production.
  • Low-carbon concrete. A sustainable concrete made with alternative binders and recycled materials, these mixes significantly reduce embodied carbon compared to standard concrete. Companies like CEMEX Vertua, Breedon Eco™, and HeidelbergMaterials EcoCrete® offer various sustainable concrete options.
  • Hempcrete. A bio-composite concrete made from hemp and lime, hempcrete exhibits good insulation, fire resistance, and breathability. Check out suppliers like Hempbuild and Lime Technology for UK applications.
  • Recycled Materials. Incorporating recycled materials, like crushed concrete and plastic, isn’t just trendy; it’s responsible. Explore opportunities to use these eco-friendly materials in smaller structures and non-structural elements while adhering to local building regulations.
  • 3D Printed Building Materials. While still in its early stage, 3D printing with materials like concrete and polymers holds immense potential for efficient and sustainable construction. Stay informed about advancements in this technology and its future applications in the UK market.

By embracing these innovative and sustainable materials, you can differentiate your business, attract environmentally conscious clients, and potentially tap into new revenue streams.

4. Embrace Technology – The Digital Future of Construction

Embrace Technology

The construction industry faces ongoing challenges regarding skilled labour availability. This trend underscores the growing importance of technology and digital solutions in bridging the gap and boosting efficiency. Let’s explore some emerging tech solutions making waves in the construction landscape:

  • Robotics. Imagine automated arms tirelessly laying bricks or handling repetitive tasks, enhancing accuracy and productivity.
  • Autonomous Vehicles. Self-driving construction vehicles promise safer and more efficient transportation within work sites. Volvo Construction Equipment and Caterpillar are among the leading innovators in this area.
  • Collaborative Design with AI. Artificial intelligence tools are transforming building design by facilitating real-time collaboration and simulating construction processes. Platforms like Solibri and PlanGrid enable seamless communication and problem-solving among architects, engineers, and contractors.
  • Wearable Worker Safety Technology. Sensors embedded in smart vests and wristbands can monitor worker vitals, detect fatigue, and prevent accidents. Companies like Icetra and Built Robotics are developing next-generation safety solutions in this domain.
  • Intelligent Project Management Software. Cloud-based tools for job scheduling, budgeting, and resource allocation are streamlining project management and minimizing delays. Companies like Procore and Autodesk BIM 360 offer comprehensive solutions for construction project teams.

While some of these technologies might not be immediately within your budget, staying informed about their development will prepare you for future integration as your business scales. Embracing digital solutions can enhance your competitiveness, attract skilled professionals, and drive your growth journey in the years to come.

5. Consider a Lead Generation Partnership

Filling your pipeline with qualified leads is crucial for achieving your growth targets. If you’re struggling to generate leads yourself, partnering with a reliable lead generation service can be a valuable option. Here are some key benefits of considering this approach:

  • Reliable, pre-vetted leads. Save time and resources by receiving qualified leads that have been vetted for their project needs and budget. Focus your efforts on converting leads into satisfied customers.
  • Minimise risk. Partnering with a reputable service can help mitigate the risk of wasting time and resources on unreliable leads. Choose a company with a track record of success and strong client testimonials.
  • Maximise results. A good lead generation service can provide valuable insights into market trends and homeowner preferences, helping you tailor your offerings and improve your conversion rates.

My Build My Way – A Case in Point

My Build My Way, specialising in London and Kent, focuses on connecting reliable homeowners with qualified builders like you. We take pride in offering pre-vetted leads, ready-to-quote projects, and at least 5 leads per month guaranteed.

If you’re looking for reliable, pre-vetted leads to fuel your growth this year, My Build My Way is here to help. We offer flexible partnership options to meet your specific needs and budget. Learn more about how we can help you achieve your business goals by calling us at 0333 772 2356.