5 Inspirational Home Office Designs

Working from home for at least part of the working week is now a permanent feature for many UK professionals. But are our homes up to the challenge? Over the past few years home offices have sprung up in the most unlikely areas of the home. If you’re now looking for a more permanent solution, the My Build My Way team has come up with 5 home office ideas to inspire you.

The contemporary home is all about flexibility and adaptability. That’s why our home office designs are simple, smart and make the most of your home’s existing features.

  1. Get Creative With Existing Space
  2. Use Stylish Dividers for Office Reveals
  3. Heard About Hidden Desks?
  4. Design a Garden Room For Multi-Use
  5. Focus on Natural Light

5 Home Office Ideas to Inspire You

Working at home is all about improving your work/life balance. You don’t want to reproduce the corporate office vibe in your home, but nor do you need an office that doubles as the utility room. Take a look at 5 ideas that allow you to integrate your work life seamlessly, without compromising on your home office requirements.

1. Get Creative With Existing Space

If your home has a loft space that isn’t being used, it’s an ideal candidate for home office conversion; it’s also an excellent way to add value to you home. If, however, you don’t have a loft, or it’s already serving as a spare bedroom, go on the hunt for under-used spaces in your home. Here are some suggestions:

  • Walk-in wardrobe.
  • Bedroom alcove.
  • Under the stairs.
  • On the landing.
  • Small boxroom.

Once the space is identified you’ll find plenty of home office designs that will be a perfect fit for it.

2. Use Stylish Dividers for Office Reveals

There are numerous ways to optimise space using dividers, from sliding doors to modest bamboo screens. Some of the most inspirational we’ve seen use indoor plants in hanging pots to create a ‘wall’ of greenery. Alternatively, you may wish to be bold and divide your living space with doors, a modular room divider system, or shelving.

One of the big considerations when thinking about home office ideas is sound insulation. If having a quiet space is important to you, the sliding door option may be the best solution.

3. Heard About Hidden Desks?

One of the problems with a home office is that your work space doesn’t disappear at the end of the working day. Perhaps you don’t want to be reminded of what awaits you tomorrow as you tumble into bed or relax with a glass of wine.

A hidden desk allows you to shut away the office when you’re not using it, so it doesn’t intrude on your living space:

  • Sliding Desks. Rather like a drawer, these are built in to an existing ledge. They slide out when required and disappear when you’re not working.
  • A Hidden Desk in Your Living Area. Contemporary desk design ensures that there’s a workspace for any environment. Why not hide your desk behind the sofa, or use a custom-built standalone desk that doubles as a cabinet?
  • Create a Multi-Purpose Surface. All that’s needed for the modern office is a worktop and some smart storage. Use it for work during the day and clear it when you’re done.

4. Design a Garden Room For Multi-Use

Design a Garden Room For Multi-UseThe garden room, or garden studio is an elegant way to create the space you need – if you have a garden to accommodate it. Garden offices don’t usually require planning permission and are built to be used throughout the year. As a space solution they offer a multi-use opportunity.

The space you use as an office during the day can double as a space to relax with friends, a calm environment for yoga or meditation, or a family cinema venue.

5. Focus on Natural Light

Natural light is immensely important for focus, productivity and creative thought. It’s worth thinking about the light quality of any space you choose for your working environment. If you’re lucky enough to have a great view, make a feature of it. A floor-to-ceiling glass sliding door maximises the natural light, increases the sense of space, and can be opened up in the summer.

Are You Inspired by Our Home Office Ideas?

Whatever kind of home office design you decide to go with, My Build My Way can help you to turn your idea into reality. Once you have your plans in place, we can introduce you to local builders all of whom we have checked and verified as trustworthy. Once you have chosen the builder you want, we’ll ensure that your project proceeds without a hitch and your new home office is installed and ready for use.

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