Create a New Room – 5 Garage Conversion Ideas

Are you getting the most out of your garage? A recent survey carried out by RAC Home Insurance found that over half of British homes weren’t. They discovered that 6 million of our garages are never used – because they’re too full of junk. So, if you’re looking for extra space in your home, your garage could be the ideal solution! Need persuading? My Build My Way has come up with 5 garage conversion ideas to inspire you.

5 Garage Conversion Ideas

  1. Create a Home Office
  2. An Extra Bedroom for Guests
  3. Expand Your Kitchen
  4. A Soundproofed Space for Band Practice
  5. Motivate the Family With a Home Gym

Create a Home Office1. Create a Home Office

The rather ‘boxy’ dimensions of a garage space can work extremely well for a home office solution. A priority will be letting in enough natural light to make the space feel bright and airy. Think about introducing patio doors to open up the room – especially if they lead out into the garden. Alternatively, you could introduce skylights along the roof to ensure an even distribution of light in all corners of your study.

2. An Extra Bedroom For Guests

If your garage has been turned into a storage space (to put it kindly), it may not look particularly attractive right now. However, it’s amazing how quickly that utilitarian space can be transformed into a comfortable bedroom for guests. Think about treating them to underfloor heating to increase the overnight comfort. Natural light is important, so consider adding skylights, or a large picture window looking out onto the garden.

3. Expand Your Kitchen

If you like the idea of a kitchen that’s both practical and sociable, why not knock through to create a spacious kitchen/diner? Once you look at the space this makes available, you’ll start imagining all kinds of ways to reconfigure it for your requirements. You could think about adding a kitchen island, or carve out a butler’s pantry, or a utility room. It’s worth talking to an architect to find out exactly what’s possible once you open up your home in this way.

A Soundproofed Space for Band Practice4. A Soundproofed Space for Band Practice

Or maybe yoga, or meditation, perhaps. Whatever the activity you want to use your garage conversion for, work through the practical requirements in the planning stages. It’s obvious that a band practice room would need soundproofing, but wouldn’t it also be useful for meditation, or crafting? Pay attention to light, and heating – if you’re engaged in a quiet or sedentary activity, you may need underfloor heating to make the space feel cosy.

Motivate the Family With a Home Gym

This is one of the most popular of our garage conversion ideas. No more excuses, a gym that’s literally on your doorstep is an excellent way to get the whole family involved. The use of mirrors helps to expand the sense of space and refract the natural light available. Remember to add safety features if children are going to be using it, and soundproofing, too, so that you can play music as loud as you like.

Do Garage Conversions Require Planning Permission?

In the majority of cases, planning permission isn’t required. Your garage conversion will be subject to building regulations though. These ensure that your conversion is structurally sound and fit for purpose.

If you work with a local builder recommended by My Build My Way, we will appoint an approved inspector to carry out the requisite checks during the build. This ensures that the structure is safe and compliant.

My Build My Way Turns Garage Conversion Ideas Into Reality

My Build My Way helps homeowners to make the most of the existing space in their homes, whilst adding value to their property at the same time. How? By providing you with help and support every step of the way. From architectural design, through planning, to introducing you to reliable and trustworthy local builders offering top-quality skills at competitive prices.

If you have already have building plans in place for a garage conversion, and you’re ready to start work, we can introduce you to recommended local builders who have been verified by us. We work solely with Trustmark approved building companies, so we can vouch for any contractors you meet through us.

We’ll get a range of quotes for the conversion work you are planning and pass the top 3 onto you. We see our job as building consultants to ensure you get a good builder at the right price. Once you’ve found a contractor for your project, using our 8-stage process, we’ll quality check the work at each stage before payment is made.

Inspired by our garage conversion ideas? Let us find you a builder to carry out the work. Give us a call on 0800 2465453 or message us online.