4 Popular Bathroom Redesign Tips

The ideal bathroom design is defined by its achievement of a balance between the practical functionality you need, and the luxurious haven you desire. When planning a bathroom redesign, there are three questions that tend to define the process:

  • Bath, or no bath?
  • How to create more space?
  • Where’s the balance between function and style?

The My Build My Way team has come up with 4 bathroom redesign ideas that look at a range of ways to approach these questions.

1. Family Bathroom

This is probably the biggest challenge for a bathroom redesign, as there are a number of people and functions to take into account. First and foremost, think about what happens in your bathroom. Do you need space to change nappies, or dry young children? Start by ensuring you have the space you need as a cramped bathroom is anything but relaxing.

Tackle storage as a priority. You may need somewhere to put bath toys, toilet training equipment, changing mats and toiletries. Try to ensure that you have spaces for each of these instead of letting them pile up around the sink or in corners. Planning your storage makes cleaning your bathroom easier and faster.

Children create a mess, so choose colours and surfaces that are easy to keep clean. Ideally you want a bathroom that needs only a wipe over, rather than an overhaul. When that’s done, and the clutter is cleared away for the day, bring out the candles, transform the space, and allow yourself a luxurious soak in the bath.

2. Contemporary BathroomContemporary Bathroom

So, you’ve lived for far too long with outdated décor, and you’re looking for a crisp, contemporary style that celebrates minimalism. In that case, start your planning by imagining an empty space and a colour palette.

Greys and whites are popular, but there are plenty of contemporary bathrooms with a feature wall in a bold shade, or a blend of different textures.

Once the palette is in place, consider each of your fixtures. The trick is to see them as both beautifully functional, whilst also appealing to the eye. Think of your bathroom as a work of art; imagine it as a painting. What role does the floor play in your design? Bold patterns are trending at present. Finish up with storage (think recesses and shelves rather than cupboards) and lighting that makes the most of your design.

3. Heritage Bathroom

If you want your bathroom redesign to offer a retreat from the modern world with all its uncertainties, the classic, heritage style is a reassuring choice. There are a number of bathroom design features that will introduce traditional elegance into your home:

  • Black and white floor tiles, featuring geometric patterns.
  • Exposed pipework, reminiscent of the Victorian/Edwardian era.
  • Wood panelling.
  • A colour palette which employs deep greys, muted greens, or an opulent purple shade.
  • Victorian coving work around your door, windows and at the angle between wall and ceiling.
  • Heritage bathroom fittings – roll-top bath, high-level toilet, period sink.
  • Gleaming brass or silver taps.

A Spa Bathroom4. A Spa Bathroom

Maybe you’re in the happy position of having a large bathroom at your disposal. In which case there are all kinds of options you can play with to create the ultimate haven for luxurious relaxation.

Think about a freestanding bath as the focus, and remember to add into your design a space for books, candles, and a range of bath products.

Add in a free-standing shower, a dual basin, and think about including seating in your haven. A chaise longue, perhaps, or a sleek padded bathroom bench under the window? And what could be more luxurious than underfloor heating?

Do You Have a Bathroom Redesign in Mind?

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