A Garden Is Top of Homebuyers Wish Lists

We’ve learnt the value of a garden space, thanks to the events of the past few years. As a result, homebuyers are now elevating their desire for a garden to the top of their wish lists. The positive impact of outdoor space on our mental wellbeing is now a priority when it comes to choosing a home, so the My Build My Way team has come up with 5 garden improvements that will make the most of your outdoor space.

5 Garden Improvements That Add Value to Your Home

Table of Contents

  1. Create a Pretty Patio
  2. Make Dining Alfresco a Possibility
  3. The Potting Shed is Always Popular
  4. Keep Your Garden Low Maintenance
  5. Create a Fifth Room

1. Create a Pretty Patio

Even if you don’t have a huge garden, most houses have enough space to create a pretty patio area. Paved patios are easy to create, can look stunning with minimum input, and and the ongoing maintenance is fairly hands off. If you use planters and pots to create the colour and foliage for your patio, they can easily be replaced by the new owners and the space can be re-invented for their style of outdoors living.

The benefits of a patio are:

  • Added value for your property.
  • Adds extra living space to your property.
  • Is a garden feature that’s easy to maintain.
  • Patios can be personalised to each successive owner.

2. Make Dining Alfresco a Possibility

Maybe it’s because we rarely get the opportunity to dine outside that we so enjoy doing it when we can. Creating an outdoor dining space is one of those garden improvements that will definitely add value to your property. Especially if it’s carefully designed for the British weather. A louvred or electric retractable pergola allows for dining in the rain, and shading diners from the sun. Or you may prefer the classic, adjustable garden parasol.

The benefits of an outdoor dining space are:

  • Added value for your property.
  • Creates an outside room for summer dining.
  • It’s easy to add features and is easy to maintain.
  • Creates a space that can be used however you want.

3. The Potting Shed is Always Popular

People enjoy different kinds of spaces to inhabit in their gardens. For many, there’s nothing better than a potting shed in which to potter. An outdoor shed is also a great opportunity for storage, and a way to shift clutter out of the house. Dependent on the size of your garden, you may be tempted to add a garden room, or cabin. These provide the potential for locating a workspace, craft room, or yoga studio just a few paces from your home.

The benefits of a potting shed, or garden room are:

  • Added value for your property.
  • A different way to enjoy the garden.
  • Additional storage outside the house.
  • An extra space that can be used all year round.

potting shed

4. Keep Your Garden Low Maintenance

Many buyers are looking for an outdoor space they can enjoy without have to spend a good deal of their time maintaining it. A garden that looks stylish, inviting, and green, without needing too much upkeep is ideal, therefore. It’s a good idea to keep lawns small and easy to cut. Planters and pots allow a choice of annual flowers and vegetables, whilst garden beds well stocked with perennials and hardy shrubs are long-lasting and hands-off.

The benefits of a low-maintenance garden:

  • Added value for your property.
  • A ready-made space to enjoy that needs minimal upkeep.
  • Built in flexibility for personalised choices.
  • Beautiful to look at, enhancing the overall attraction of the property.

5. Create a Fifth Room

Buyers are increasingly attracted to the idea of a ‘fifth room’; this is a blurring between external and internal, offering people who spend a good deal of time in their homes an expansion of their living space. This means applying the same degree of attention and care to your outdoor space (however small it may be) as you would to your indoors living areas. The fifth room is an expansion of your creativity and style.

The benefits of a ‘fifth room’ include:

  • Added value for your property.
  • The optimisation of your outdoor space, even if it’s just a balcony.
  • An extension of the style displayed throughout your home.
  • The creation of multipurpose areas that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Create a Fifth Room

My Build My Way Can Help With Your Garden Improvements

If you’ve been inspired by any of our garden improvements ideas, My Build My Way can help. We are a build and design business that provides introductions for clients to architects and reliable local builders offering top-quality support for home improvement projects.

If you already have your plans for your garden improvements in place, we can provide quotes from verified local builders who would be appropriate to your project. We work with leading UK contractors to ensure that clients are introduced to highly recommended builders.

Our job is to make sure you find the right contractor at the right price without compromising on top-quality workmanship. Once you’ve made your choice, we will arrange a building inspector to quality check the work at each stage.

If you’re planning to add value to your property by way of garden improvements, we can introduce you to a builder to take your project to the next stage. Give us a call on 0333 772 2356 or message us.