Back Garden Design Trends That Add Value to Homes

Recent research has unveiled a powerful secret for selling properties quickly and at a premium: enhance them with a beautifully landscaped back garden. We all know that having an outdoor space improves our quality of life, and it turns out that homebuyers are more than willing to pay extra for a slice of the outdoors.

In a comprehensive survey conducted across the UK, Marshalls discovered that a significant 23% of respondents were willing to open their wallets wider for a home adorned with a landscaped garden.

“Research shows that not only could housebuilders and property developers attract more buyers if they offer premium garden options, but they could also increase their profitability.”

Ben Warren, Managing Director at Marshalls.

Why Not Offer New Builds With Landscaped Garden Options?

Imagine having the opportunity to move into a brand-new home that not only offers a sleek, modern interior but also comes with a landscaped garden of your choice. It’s a dream come true for many, and the survey reveals that 16% of respondents expressed a preference for this option—an option that includes a bespoke landscaped garden completed before they even step foot in their new abode.

Even more intriguing is the fact that a significant majority of those who favoured the idea of a built-to-order back garden were willing to invest up to 20% more of the overall property price for this invaluable service. It’s a clear signal that homeowners understand the true worth of an outdoor retreat.

This innovative approach not only expands the array of choices available to new build buyers but also aligns with the growing trend of customisation. In today’s property market, developers are already offering an array of options for customising kitchens, bathrooms, and flooring. It’s only logical to extend these options to include a tailor-made garden space, created to match the unique specifications of each homeowner.

By offering landscaped back gardens as a choice, developers and builders can provide a new level of personalisation and add significant value to their properties. Not only do they make homes more enticing to prospective buyers, but they also elevate profitability in a highly competitive market.

Can an Existing Garden Add Value?

For homeowners looking to sell their property—having a garden can significantly boost their chances of fetching a higher price. However, it’s not just any garden that’s catching the eye of homebuyers in 2023. Recent wish lists reveal that buyers are increasingly seeking properties with patios, outdoor entertaining areas, and annexes or retreats in close proximity to the home.

It appears that gardens are no longer just spaces for developing green fingers but are now considered opportunities for outdoor living and relaxation. Here are five ways to add value to existing gardens in order to make them more appealing to potential buyers:

1. Prioritise Privacy

Prioritise Privacy

Buyers want to enjoy their garden in peace, so it’s crucial to create a sense of privacy. If the garden is overlooked, there are several ways to enhance its privacy:

  • Plant tall trees or bushes to create a shielded area.
  • Consider installing a pergola, especially if your garden is overlooked from an elevated position.
  • Add an awning to create a screened-off space.
  • Use high-quality fencing to enclose the garden.

2. Build a Garden Room

Build a Garden Room

Garden rooms are excellent additions to your property, catering to the needs of buyers looking for an annex or versatile extra space. These simple yet effective extensions offer opportunities for work, relaxation, movie nights, or exercise. Such multi-functional spaces can be highly attractive to buyers, potentially adding 5-15% to the property’s value, depending on their quality and appeal.

3. Install an Outdoor Kitchen

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are a standout feature that can set a property apart. They are a top trend for 2023 and rank among the top 20 home improvement ideas on UK homeowners’ wish lists. Gone are the days of simple portable barbecues; today’s trend leans toward sophisticated outdoor cooking areas, including pizza ovens and fully equipped kitchens that facilitate larger-scale entertaining.

4. Create Relaxation Spaces

Create Relaxation Spaces

Modern homeowners are more interested in relaxing and enjoying their garden than spending time on gardening chores. A landscaped back garden with well-designed patio spaces for relaxation, dining with friends, and play areas for children is highly sought after. Illuminating these spaces with outdoor lighting can extend the enjoyment of garden living well into the evening.

5. Ensure Garden Security and Storage

Ensure Garden Security and Storage

Buyers are looking for secure gardens where children and pets can play safely. Adequate storage is also crucial, whether it’s for bikes or garden tools, helping to keep indoor spaces clutter-free. Demonstrating a commitment to security with high-quality locks and, in some cases, CCTV can help ease buyers’ concerns and add to the overall appeal of your property.

Incorporating these garden enhancements can not only make your property more appealing but also potentially increase its value. Buyers are increasingly valuing outdoor spaces that offer both privacy and functionality, and by catering to these preferences, you can make your property stand out in the competitive real estate market.

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