Unveiling the Most Popular Home Improvement Ideas in 2023

The Home Improvement Trends Report for 2023 was published recently, as result of surveying homeowners, builders, contractors, and buyers and carrying out detailed analysis of data. The results make interesting reading, whether you’re looking to add value to your home, or you want to maximise the space your current property offers you. Read on to discover the top UK home improvement trends for 2023.

The Impact of the Cost-of-Living Squeeze

With inflation running stubbornly high in the UK, it’s inevitable that homeowners are feeling the impact when it comes to home improvement projects. For tradespeople too, there’s the ongoing stress that rising costs are having to get passed on to customers.

Whilst some home improvement projects have been put on hold this year, however, renovations are seeing an uptick.

“1 in 6 homeowners who are taking on renovation projects in 2023 say they’re renovating their own home because it’s cheaper than moving to a new home, and 1 in 7 say they have less money to buy a new home so they’re choosing a renovation property instead.”

Top Home UK Improvement Trends

Table of Contents
  1. Eco-Improvements
  2. Part Updates
  3. Renovation Projects
  4. 10 UK Home Improvement Trends That Are In For 2023
  5. 10 UK Home Improvement Trends that Are Out for 2023

1. Eco-Improvements


A new trend towards sustainability is creating demand for eco-improvements in homes across the UK. Homeowners now want to adapt their homes to reduce their dependence on traditional fuels, and to work towards a better future for the plant.

2023 sees 45% of UK homeowners planning environmentally friendly improvements in their homes to both save money on fuel, and in order to live more sustainably. Here are the biggest trends for the year:


  1. Installation of a smart meter
  2. Draught proofing
  3. Home insulation (internal and external)
  4. Installation of solar panels
  5. Electric car charging point installation
  6. Underfloor heating installation & heat pumps

2. Part Updates

Part Updates

2023 sees homeowners being more strategic about the kind of home improvement projects they take on. Part upgrades is one of the tactics that exemplify this approach. Instead of committing to a complete overhaul of the kitchen, a more pragmatic approach is to replace the kitchen doors, or cabinets for a fraction of the cost. By selecting part enhancements, homeowners can see massive savings whilst still enjoying a home upgrade that adds value.

Top 8 Part Update Home Improvements

Top 8 Part Update Home Improvements

3. Renovation Projects

Renovation Projects

Renovation work will normally involve far more construction work than part upgrades or sustainability projects. Almost a quarter of renovation projects are carried out with the goal of adding value to a property, 16% of renovators say that it’s cheaper for them to renovate than move house, and 12% renovate in order to create the kind of home they could not afford, were they to move.

Whilst kitchens were a top priority in 2022, they have now dropped down to 5th place, whilst bathroom renovations are now in 2nd place. The most popular renovation is painting and decorating. Other jobs making it into the top ten include: garden landscaping, new internal doors, home extension, new driveway, and lighting upgrades.

4. 10 UK Home Improvement Trends That Are In For 2023

10 UK Home Improvement Trends That Are In For 2023

Earthy colour schemes, curved contours, nature-inspired decorations, natural materials, and imaginative space utilisation are the prominent trends for 2023. The “broken plan” layout, using screens or internal glazing to create an adaptable space has taken over from the ‘open plan’ ideal. Home massage spaces are emerging as a key trend for 2023.

Significant interior design colour choices favour green hues, ranging from serene sage to deep forest shades. Lavender and beige are also popular, and surprisingly, chintz is making a comeback.

So, the top 10 UK home improvements trends that are ‘in’ are:
  1. Natural materials utilised indoors.
  2. Painting everything the same shade – colour drenching.
  3. Bright, whimsical bougie style interior design.
  4. Lavender kitchen.
  5. Neutral kitchen.
  6. Blue kitchen.
  7. Mushroom wallpaper.
  8. Forest green in the living room.
  9. Cottagecore décor, embracing nature and featuring muted colour palettes, and warm accents.
  10. Sage green interior design.

5. 10 UK Home Improvement Trends that Are Out for 2023

10 UK Home Improvement Trends that Are Out for 2023

The turn towards natural colours and materials means that there are a number of interior décor trends that have been ousted from the 2023 home.

Here’s the list of the top 10 design features that are no longer trends:
  1. Hanging chairs.
  2. Rattan furniture.
  3. The home gym.
  4. Navy interior design features.
  5. Berber rugs.
  6. Japandi interior design.
  7. Velvet sofas.
  8. Macrame wall hangings.
  9. Grey décor.
  10. Luxury design features.

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